edition of 100, 2018 screen printed folded book content and production by Otto


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Some years ago I made the book Dot Screen Print and the associated print Molecules. Dark Matter picks up the subject and explores the issue of super-imposing patterns further, touching on issues relating to quantum physics and astronomy.

Printed on a single sheet, folded into square panels. The stitches on the cover are printed on, for decorative purposes only. It is the same structure as Paradise, but half the size. Screen printed in 4 colours each side, of which two are black.

folded: 21 x 19cm, unfolded: 38x84cm + cover

24 panels, 200gsm Heritage Book, side 1, 4 colours, side 2, 4 colours 

made in 2018, edition of 100, comes in cellophane bag

created at MSP Screen Printing