folded sheet edition of 12 2017-2019

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Europa is a science fiction, inspired by the moon of Jupiter, as well as Greek myth and current political developments. The cover illustration references William Blake’s frontispiece illustration for ‘Europa, a Prophesy’.

Inside you see a space ship with Europa and Jupiter traveling back to Earth. Further unfolding reveals a scene of the past with the couple on the planet Jupiter. Finally, a large multi-panelled illustration shows the arrival on Earth, with a fragmented Fritz-Langian cityscape.

The book is based on a triptych format. A single sheet is printed on both sides, folded 5 times

folded size: 19 x 33 cm, unfolded size: 66 x 67 cm, inside 3 colours on 200gsm Heritage Book, outside 2 colours, made in February 2017, edition of 40, printed at MSP Screen Printing