science fiction, leave the problems of the world behind in a folded space ship, Crosscut fold booklet content and production by ottoGraphic second edition 2021 ISBN 9782957730704


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Folding Space Ship was the first in the series of ‘Crosscut-fold’ booklets in 2017. This is the second edition which  I created at Salamandre in 2021. The format is larger, the cover design has changed as well as design and text elements inside the book.

The method is a diagonal Leporello, which, when folded, fits neatly into a postcard sized format. 

Folding space ship is about leaving the problems of the world behind in a folded space ship. The folding of the book coerresponds to folding the space-time continuum, which is necessary to overcome great distances. 

Five fully illustrated inside pages of varying sizes and formats, folded size: 11.5 x 16 cm 

inside: 3 colours on 160gsm cartridge paper, cover: 2 colours on 315gsm Heritage Book 

Each book is individually numbered and imbossed with the Salamandre stamp.

I am happy to sign a copy on request