science fiction, leave the problems of the world behind in a folded space ship, Crosscut fold booklet content and production by ottoGraphic ISBN 9780993299032

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Folding Space Ship is the first in the series of ‘Crosscut-fold’ booklets.

I invented the Crosscut-fold technique after observing tulip leaves and the way they fold in on themselves. The format is basically a diagonal Leporello, which, when folded, fits neatly into a postcard sized format. 

Folding space ship is about leaving the problems of the world behind in a folded space ship. The folding of the book coerresponds to folding the space-time continuum, which is necessary to overcome great distances. 

You will find that no page is the same and all the angles are strange. It allows for exciting layouts and odd format illustrations. Also there are windows and hidden areas in the book, providing even more opportunities for unusual storytelling.

5 fully illustrated inside pages of varying sizes and formats, folded size: 9.5 x 12 cm 

inside: 3 colours on 120 gsm paper, cover: 2 colours on 315gsm Heritage Book 

I am happy to sign a copy on request

first made at MSP Screen Printing 2017